Thursday, June 28, 2007

Community Events

I have grown very interested in exploring the community events which took place behind La Botánica in the back room. As Titi Betsy mentioned below, she had her bridal shower in La Botánica, I had my 5th birthday party there (as did my brother Ariel), Passover and many other family celebrations were held behind the shelves of luck candles and money sprays. For a few years my father invited the entire community surrounding 149th street near 3rd Avenue to enjoy animal shows in the back space. Over 100 people would fill the back room, entering through the doors to the botánica, walking past the thick smells of incense and rows of statues into his large office space. One year my father purchased hundreds of gifts from Oriental Trading Company to give out to the public. This space was a community space. Somewhere people felt welcomed. Below are pictures of several community members at the animal shows .

Community Members.

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