Monday, October 1, 2007

Out to the field

My summer went by quickly. With Lela, my mother, Titi Betsy, David and Daniel at my side, I collected items for the exhibit. I was suprised at first at how this became a family event, but now that I think back on it, of course it did. Lela and I were in charge, we had an exhibit to curate, but Titi, David, Daniel and Mom were just interested in what we were up to.

Titi took Lela and I on a tour of the botánicas in Jersey City. In one day we visited about 8 botánicas. Lela purchased a number of items for herself, perfumes and potions she could not get in Puerto Rico. The three of us were on a hunt for a large poster of Yemaya that we see in so many botánicas. We only found digital reprints of her.

On this day I did not buy anything for the exhibit, I was looking to see how different botánicas display their items.

Another day David and Daniel accompanied Lela and me to Original Products. This is the warehouse where Lela bought most of her statues and candles in the 80's. We spent a few hours exploring the store, taking photographs of people making the statues, and loading up on one of every spray can they sold.

My mother and I returned to Original Products later in the summer to take more photographs and to make a few more purchases.

Throughout my four weeks in New York City this summer I visited and took notes on botánicas throughout the city. My collection is a reflection of the varied items I saw.

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