Monday, March 24, 2008

Sand and Shells

The opening case for the exhibit is the only case you see from the main lobby of the museum. I knew I wanted the case to call you, to make you feel drawn towards something. I used the exhibit icon, a Brazilian portrait of The Goddess of the Sea, Yemaya, Iemanja, as the back drop. I then filled the case with white sand, and covered the sand in sea shells and small statues of some of the principle saints. In this picture you see Our Lady of Regla perched on a large sea shell. The case was also filled with white flowers.


Roland Ramos said...

Hello Cousin,

Excellent work.
I am glad you have a working blog.

I spoke with your father, he informs me that there is a lot of communication going on between our family members in the digital realm.

As far as you curating exhibitions, that is absolutely fantastic.

I got into curating art exhibitions as a way to have people come to my house. I never have visitors because I have a very intimidating dog named Biggie. He's a looking-at dog not a playing-with dog.

I have a couple shows I have organized coming up. A solo exhibition by my house at the Monroe Center for the arts witht his excellent art cadre.(
I also have a show in the LES @ niagara on based on Urban Art, ya know tagging, street art, GRAFF. Fun Fun Fun!!

I am currently organizing a politically oriented show in June which will be on exhibition for one week.

What really excites me is the prospect of organizing a show on Contemporary Indian Art. I know you have spent some time there, and your brother is currently in Northern India, so you may provide some insight into artists or culture.

Thank you for encouraging the arts.


Anonymous said...

it is nice post.I am glad you have a working blog.Silegra