Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Audio Tour

The audio component of the exhibit will be recorded this summer when I travel to New York City and Puerto Rico. The stories I record will show how people recall and retell their experiences of living within a community space. I have chosen to use the stories of my family as my tíos, tías, brothers, cousins, my grandparents, my mother and my father have an incredible ability to paint pictures with words. This is how we remember. When we get together the air is thick with narratives, stories which contribute to our shared past. There are only six surviving pictures of our botánica, even though, as a family, we spent six days a week in the store for a decade.

I will edit these recordings into a Podcast which will be available on the Mathers' website as well as within the museum on mp3 players. Walking through the exhibit with the podcast playing will enhance the exhibit as visitors will be able to listen to the stories evoked from the material culture.

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