Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The exhibit: Jardines de Jerusalén

“Jardines de Jerusalén,” will have two major components: exhibit cases and an audio tour. The two largest exhibit cases will be recreations of my grandmother’s storefront windows. Other cases will be interactive, filled with material culture such as statues of saints, candles, love potions, and herbs. Visitors will be able to touch and smell the pieces of the exhibit as they pass through. The replica of the store windows will enter the museum’s permanent collections, and the items in the interactive cases will enter an education collection, which will be available for classroom visits and activities

Over the school year 2007-2008, while physically creating the exhibit cases of “Jardines,” I will develop a classroom enrichment kit for the education department of the museum. The kit I create will join the active cycle of education kits circulating through the city of Bloomington. My exhibit will be the first at the Mathers to focus on Puerto Rican culture and I am proud to contribute to the education of elementary school children about a culture with which they have little contact.

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